Graphic design & Art direction

Specialized in branding and graphic design. Taking it to the next level. Dedicated and enthusiast. Working as a team or by myself i\'m always looking for the best fit.

About me

I’m Alexander


I live in Laren in the Netherlands and have a beautiful and loving family. Together with my wife and 3 daughters we have a lazy dog and 2 cats. We live next to the forest and love to spent time outside. From chopping wood and outdoor activity’s to cooking and spending time with my family.


I had my education in Amsterdam at the Grafisch Lyceum and after my intern ships a started with small jobs that came from friends. By doing so I simply started my own company and since then never worked for a boss. Together with friends and my brother I ran a design agency for eleven years in Amsterdam.


Now I’m back by myself and work through out the region. I have worked for small and larger company’s. From print and identity to motion graphics and 3d projects.


Liking the most of being a designer is that I can visualise ideas. From drawing and sketching to an definitive design. What’s the story and how do we get it across. My goal is the create good and understandable designs. Expressing what it or the company stands for.


my interest vary from branding and identity to contemporary graphic design and 3d graphics and all that I can do in after effects.


I work in the Adobe creative suit applications.


What do i do

From concepts and graphic design to corporate identity and branding.

2d and 3d design, still land motion.



Enthusiastic, Honest, Creative, skilled, respectful and dedicated.


I’m not

A copywriter, a developer, an account manager.